Are you needing some extra help with a choreography you are working on? Are there certain moves giving you a hard time? Or, is there is a style of dance or a prop that you want to learn more about but no one is currently teaching it?

Maybe a "one on one" private class with Nayna is what you need.

A private lesson gives you the opportunity to work on the exact things YOU want to focus on or things you are having problems with. It also gives Nayna time to watch (only you) and correct any issues she may not catch in class (Zoom or otherwise).

A lot of people are nervous about private lessons. I mean, there you on one, just you and ....NAAAYYNAAA. (echo echo echo) She's staring at you, watching all your mistakes. Ones you NEVER make except now... SHE'S WATCHING!!!! OMG! The horror of it all!

HA!! Chile boo.... do you have any idea how many times dancers, including me (Nayna) make mistakes? All dancers mess up. Don't be afraid! Yeah, I'm watching (and like a hawk) but not judging. Private lessons are one of the most effective tools for a dancer to clean up and polish a choreo for a performance or just get positive feedback and correction. 

Email Nayna ( to schedule your private lesson after purchase.

*Private lesson packages are available. Discounted rates apply to those who purchase multiple classes and pay in advance. Email Nayna ( for pricing. 

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Private Lesson With Nayna

Tell me what help you need from me!

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