You know what they say "Practice makes perfect!" and "Repetition is key". Well, THAT is THIS class! Sometimes it's the basics, sometimes it's not. One thing's for certain, you will have a good grasp of whatever the moves are before this 60 minute class is over! 

This is a multilevel class but some bellydance experience is required. You will want to at least have 6 months under your coinbelt. (See what I did there?) 

The June 4 week session is completely virtual with a new 1 hour class dropping every Tuesday at NOON.. 

Good technique is an important key to being a good dancer. I am a technique junkie and a bit of a drill sergeant so please expect nothing less. 

Again, you need at least 6 months of bellydance experience for this class, so NOT for the "brand newbie". 

Putting in the work falls completely on you this session. I say..... you work just has hard as if I was!

OHHH... I almost forgot. Complete each weekly module to unlock a BONUS "sample" class! You can do it grasshopper!!!


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